Irish Students

The ESTEEM Program

Students can earn a Master's degree in one year through the Engineering, Science, and Technology Entrepreneurship Excellence Master's program, ESTEEM. This program immerses a student in a year of graduate-level study of innovation, entrepreneurship, and general business, designed to augment and make more marketable a student's scientific, technical, and engineering skills.

Through the Naughton Fellowship, Irish students can earn a full tuition scholarship, a full health insurance subsidy for the sponsored student insurance plan, and a $17,000 USD stipend for living expenses. 

The Application Process

Undergraduates and those completing a five-year BS+MS program in Ireland who wish to apply for the fellowship must first apply to the ESTEEM program at Notre Dame. The GRE requirement and the application fee will be waived for Irish students. All Irish students earning an undergraduate degree from Dublin City UniversityTrinity College Dublin,  University College CorkUniversity College Dublin , and University of Galway who apply to the ESTEEM program will automatically be considered for the Naughton Fellowship.

As part of the application process, in addition to the application requirements for the ESTEEM program, Irish applicants must include a personal statement that includes:

  1. Details regarding any non-academic pursuits and achievements, including sports, volunteer work, and other interests.
  2. A statement detailing information you believe to be relevant to your application. The statement should explain why you are choosing to study your chosen course.
  3. An explanation of how a Naughton Fellowship would be of benefit to you during your studies and in the future.

To begin the application process, please see the ESTEEM Admissions page

Timeline and Deadlines

Applications have now closed. Please check back again in the autumn for details of a future competition.

When open, please follow application directions on

Receipt of completed applications will be acknowledged by email. Late applications cannot be accepted.

Classes will begin in mid-summer of the same calendar year. 

Selection Criteria

The selection of the Naughton Fellows will be administered by the Naughton Fellowship Committee, with the University's diversity statement in mind.

Significant importance and preference will be given to those candidates who demonstrate academic excellence. However, the committee will consider several criteria, including:

  • the interest, ability, and potential of the candidate to study their chosen field;
  • the candidate’s capacity to successfully complete the program of study; and
  • the candidate’s desire and ability to serve as a cultural ambassador abroad.

The onus is on the candidate to complete the appropriate application form to demonstrate the degree to which he/she meets these criteria.

General Terms and Conditions

The Fellowship Committee may, at any stage, seek additional information from individual candidates or referees.

Within the terms of the endowment, the Fellowship Committee reserves all rights to modify at any time and/or to terminate this Fellowship scheme and/or to make whatever decisions in regard to the operation of this Fellowship scheme that may be required. Their determination(s) on all these matters shall be final; there shall be no right of appeal.

Each recipient must complete a summary report of his/her research accomplishments at the end of the program.


Applicants from Ireland who are applying to the Notre Dame ESTEEM program should direct inquiries to or visit